Book Notes: Modern Orthodox Thinkers, chapters 15-17


Modern Orthodox ThinkersChapters 15-17 are on lay theologians

Chapter 15 is on Philip Sherrard
Chapter 16 on lay theologians Koutroubis, Yannaras, and Ramfos

On Yannaras:

Yannaras comes up with a view of the West that has abandoned the original understanding of the gospel and the Church, and settled into a rationalist and legalistic understanding of human existence, subject to law and custom; course was bound, sooner or later, to turn to the ashes of nihilism, while at the same time reducing value to price and ushering in the consumerism that is so marked in modern Western Society.
pp. 257-8

Chapter 17 is on lay theologians Elisabeth Behr-Sigel and Olivier Clément


  • Discerning the Signs of the Times
  • Nadejda Gorodetzky, The Humiliated Christ in Modern Russian Thought

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