Book notes: Modern Orthodox Thinkers, chapter 11


Modern Orthodox ThinkersChapter 11 is on Paul Evdokimov

“A saint is not a superman, but one who finds and lives the truth of being human as a liturgical being. The definition of the human finds its most exact and fullest expression in liturgical adoration: the human being is the person of the Trisagion and the Sanctus: ” I shall sing to my God as long as I live”.
page 164


“Our ascent of love is a response to the amour fou of God, as Evdokimov often put it, a love that breaks all limits: our love for God defines who we are. As Evdokimov puts its elsewhere, ” To the God who is love there corresponds the human amo ergo sum.”
page 165


  • Pages 170 and following are on interior monasticism

  • Reread Ages of the Spiritual Life

  • St Tikhon of Zadonsk

  • Letters of St Theophane the Recluse


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