Book Notes: Modern Orthodox Thinkers chapters 2-4


Modern Orthodox ThinkersChapter 2 is on Soloviev

Chapter 3 on Florensky

  • Pavel Florensky: A Quiet Genius

Chapter 4 on Bulgakov 

  • see the 3 moments of conversion, in the first chapter of Unfading Light, or in: Autobiographical Sketches

  • Icons and the Name of God (2012)

  • Orthodoxy and Western Culture: A Collection of Essays

  • Bulgakov: Apocatastasis and Transfiguration

  • I Love, Therefore I Am: The Theological Legacy of Archimandrite Sophrony

“The repeated invocation of the Kingdom lends to the Divine Liturgy a sense of standing on tiptoe on the threshold of the Kingdom.”
page 57

Please find here the first post of this series, with a general presentation of the book.

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