Book notes: Modern Orthodox Thinkers, chapters 7-10


Modern Orthodox ThinkersChapter 7 is on Myrrha Lot-Borodine and Vladimir Lossky

  • reread The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

  • Cabasilas

  • Maximos’ Mystagogia

Chapter 8 on Maria Skobtsova

Chapter 9 on Staniloae – see my review of one of his books

Chapter 10 on Justin Popovic

“Having dispensed with God, Nietzsche proposes man as superman, devoid of pity for one’s neighbor, and pursuing an ” irresponsible and merciless desire for power” – ” beyond good and evil, beyond truth and error, beyond conscience and responsibility.”
page 153

I need to double check in Ireneaus the idea of sin due to the immaturity of mankind.
Any other Father mentioning this?
What are we saved from?
How about the word save in OT and NT?
Were we mature before the Fall?

Please find here the first post of this series, with a general presentation of the book.

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