Book Notes: Prayers by the Lake #3

Prayers by the LakePrayers by the Lake,
by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich
Written in 1921-1922
Translated by Archimandrite Todor Mika
and Fr Stevan Scott
Published in 2010
by the Diocese of New Gracanica
and Midwestern America

I love this powerful line near the end of Prayer #85, page 168 in my edition:

If Your Kingdom has not entered me,
truly neither shall I enter Your Kingdom. 

As we Orthodox Christians, are currently slowly journeying through the Triodion towards the beginning of Great Lent, this short sentence could be a nice help to meditate on how we let The Lord’s Kingdom penetrate all the fibers of our whole being and everyday life. What does it look like, when the Kingdom has started permeating us?



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