Help a young Orthodox family who lost their source of income

Kulp family


Please this is about a young Orthodox priest I know:

At around 1 am on February 12th, my sister and her husband’s (Rebekah and Fr. Dimitri Kulp)  workshop burned to the ground. Thankfully their neighbor saw the flames, called 911 and came to wake up the family. 

This workshop was used to run their two businesses – St. Johns Workshop (high-quality woodworking) and Golden Mouth Roastery (fair trade coffee).

Inside the building, there was machinery, tools, supplies, and orders in progress. All of which were lost.

The insurance is covering $150,000 in damages. Unfortunately, that still leaves them $85,000 short of what they need to replace everything. Many orders will have to be remade or refunded, they will need to buy all new equipment and will have to rebuild.

This has been a really difficult time for them, losing both of their sources of income overnight. Although it will be a hard time going forward they have faith in God and will continue trust in Him.

Please keep the Kulp family (Fr. Dimitri, Rebekah, Anastazi, Eleni and Romanus) in your prayers! And if you are able to, please consider donating! 

Thank you in advance!


On top of everything, he will have to reimburse the gorgeous wooden caskets he made and that had been pre-ordered by clients.

Please go here to help, you can donate through their GoFundMe page or through Paypal – details on the page, with more about what happened.

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