Book Notes: The Kingdom of God – Chapters 5-7

TheKIngdome of God_coverThe Kingdom of God:
The Sermon on the Mount
by Archbishop Dmitri Royster
St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1992
128 pages

Notes from Chapter 5:

Obviously when you see a list, you often want to find an order into it. I have read several authors trying to find a spiritual order to the Beatitudes, but never found such a good one as this:

The Kingdom of God p27

What do you think. I highly encourage you to read the book and discover the rest about the Beatitudes.
In the Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR at least – not sure why the Greeks skip it), we sing the Beatitudes at the Little Entrance. It was even more powerful last Sunday as I recalled this order.

Notes from Chapter 6:

The Beatitudes are the very foundation of this way of life; they contain the fundamental spiritual qualities and behavior patterns which should distinguish or characterize the follower of Christ.

Notes from Chapter 7:

This is how the author introduces Matthew 5:13-16

After having shown the disciples the inevitable consequences (reproach, rejection and persecution) of following Him and His way, the Lord emphasizes the responsibility they will have for the work He will send them to do in His name.

I really like how again he finds a logical ordering in the whole Sermon on the Mount. It may be obvious for most of you, but I find it a good reminder. Simply put and leading to prayer, and hopefully to imitation!


Any reflection on these quotes?

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