Book Notes: The Kingdom of God – Chapters 16-18

TheKIngdome of God_coverThe Kingdom of God:
The Sermon on the Mount
by Archbishop Dmitri Royster
St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1992
128 pages

Notes from Chapter 16:

The path that leads to the Kingdom is the path of love and forgiveness, as almost everything that Christ says in this sermon emphasizes.

The one who would be truly a child of the Kingdom will love all without distinction. Sometimes this high regard for all manifests itself in a simple greeting, in not ignoring someone –in short, in remembering another’s dignity as a child of God. It is completely unbecoming for a Christian to refuse to speak to someone.

The Sermon on the Mount shows us that the way to perfection is the way of love, of God and of our fellow man.

Notes from Chapter 17:

We find the Lord, in Chapter 6, describing how belonging to the kingdom of God will affect the whole of a person’s life. There is not one single aspect of life that can be left unchanged or unconverted by the direct revelation of God’s will and His demands on man which Jesus teaches.

The greatest temptation that arises to mar one’s resolve to do God’s will, the weapon the devil most often uses to destroy man’s best intentions, is the desire to be recognized and praised by others.

Notes from Chapter 18:

In prayer, we express our willingness to conform our lives and our use of the things He has given us to His will.


Any reflection on these quotes?

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