Book Notes: The Kingdom of God – Chapters 26 and 29

TheKIngdome of God_coverThe Kingdom of God:
The Sermon on the Mount
by Archbishop Dmitri Royster
St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1992
128 pages

Notes from Chapter 26:

On Matthew 7:7-11

First, we must know that what is most important is the thing we ask for; and that can be nothing but the ability to conform ourselves to God’s will for us. Having once realized what it is we should ask for, we must actively seek it. We must convert our conviction or our mental disposition into action. This is what we find if we seek it: a life that is according to the pattern of Christ.

Notes from Chapter 29:

On Matthew 7:21-23

The profession of faith, to claim to be a follower of Christ must be followed up and backed up by the kind of life (again, God’s righteousness) of which Jesus speaks throughout the Sermon on the Mount. We see that faith and works go hand in hand and that the old argument –which is necessary for salvation?– is meaningless.

This is the end of my notes on this book.

Highly recommended. A short but powerful and very accessible reflection and meditation on the Sermon on the Mount. I like how the author helps us see its inner structure, and how it invites us to concrete transformations in our lives.


Any reflection on these quotes?

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