Book Notes: Theophan’s Commentary on Psalm 118: verses 115-116

Psalm 118Psalm 118:
A Commentary
by Saint Theophan the Recluse

by Saint John of Kronstadt Press, 2014

VERSE 115:
Depart from me, ye evil doers,
and I will search out the commandments of my God.

Hoping in God’s strength, he tells demons and everything that might prevent him from walking the chosen path, Depart from me.
While knowing all the difficulties, this courage and daring are necessary to complete the journey safely.

Take heart — the enemy weakens you through fears;
just walk courageously, and he will disappear.

VERSE 116:
Uphold me according to Thy saying and quicken me,
and turn me not away in shame from mine expectation.

Uphold me = filled with courage and confidence in God’s help
And quicken me  = “I will chase away my enemies and will remain intact in my entire moral makeup.”
He recognizes himself more alive than before the attacks of the enemies.
Turn me not away in shame from mine expectation  = to prove that God is not untrue in His promises.

Do not permit the thought that you have been abandoned by God.
The Lord is near, and only awaits the moment to act…
Know this and do not be timid,
but fearlessly look straight into the eyes of the enemy.
p. 257

Any reflection on these quotes?

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