Book Notes: Theophan’s Commentary on Psalm 118: verses 167-168

Psalm 118Psalm 118:
A Commentary
by Saint Theophan the Recluse

by Saint John of Kronstadt Press, 2014

VERSE 167:
My soul has kept Thy testimonies
and hath loved them exceedingly.

The 3rd source of spiritual nourishment
(coming from the fulfillment of the commandments) is the very love of them.

Begin to keep the commandments, and you will come to love them exceedingly.
p. 330

Just like some food that you dislike at first.

VERSE 168:
I have kept Thy commandments and Thy testimonies,
for all my ways are before Thee, O Lord.

He who has come to love the commandments cannot help but love the Lawgiver.
Having begun to love, he cannot forget Him,
but relentlessly carries the memory of Him in his heart, for such is the nature of love.
p. 331

Sinners sin because they are surrounded by darkness and think no one sees them. 
Hence the importance of the remembrance and awareness of the presence of God.


Any reflection on these quotes?

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