Book Notes: Theophan’s Commentary on Psalm 118: verses 171-173

Psalm 118Psalm 118:
A Commentary
by Saint Theophan the Recluse

by Saint John of Kronstadt Press, 2014

VERSE 171:
My lips shall pour forth a hymn
when Thou hast taught me Thy statutes.

My lips shall pour forth a hymn =
a song to God will be born in the heart, 
a song of glorification and thanksgiving.
Little by little, mental prayer leads to prayer of the mind and heart.
Experience of delight in the heart at the hour of prayer,
or during a reading, or an occupation.
It comes as a fruit of ascetic labor.

VERSE 172:
My tongue shall speak of Thy sayings,
for all Thy commandments are righteousness.

Speech discloses the state of spiritual health.
And here it’s out of benevolence towards his brothers.

VERSE 173:
Let Thy hand be for saving me,
for I have chosen Thy commandments.

= I have no other will or desire than to walk in Thy commandments.
Boldness towards God, but impossible with impure conscience.
So here bold cry is a sign of great moral purity.


Any reflection on these quotes?

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