Book Notes: Orthodox Prayer Life, pages 42-54

Orthodox Prayer LifeOrthodox Prayer Life:
The Interior Way
by Matthew the Poor

by Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press

Last Friday, I shared quotations from Orthodox Prayer Life, pages 35-40

Here are some today from pages 42-54.

We can distinguish the 3 degrees [of prayer]
by the words of the Lord Jesus:
‘Ask, and it will be given you,’ which is vocal prayer;
‘Seek and you will find,’ which is meditation;
‘Knock and it will be opened to you,’which is contemplation…

There is so much in the Our Father, given as an answer to the disciples asking Jesus, Teach us how to pray. I think it’s important to remember that.

Man cannot be nourished by the word of the Gospel
without reiterating it in his heart and mind…

‘Be diligent in meditating on the Holy Scriptures
and the lives of the saints,
for constant reflection upon them
fosters thoughts of fervor,
makes prayer easy,
makes tribulation endurable.’
St Isaac the Syrian, The Four Books, 3.75

Hush your tongue
that your heart may speak –
this is meditation,
and hush your heart
that the Spirit may speak –
this is contemplation.’
St John of Dalyatha, Homily on the Gifts of the Spirit.

Two quotations by favorite authors of mine.


Have you read this book?
Or these authors quoted?
Any reflection on these quotes?

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