Book Notes: Orthodox Prayer Life, pages 55-93

Orthodox Prayer LifeOrthodox Prayer Life:
The Interior Way
by Matthew the Poor

by Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press

On Monday, I shared quotations from Orthodox Prayer Life, pages 42-54.

Here are some today from pages 55-93.

“Interior prayer is…
a return of Adam
to the beauty of his former spirituality.

There is no place at all
in this vast universe
where we can meet God
except within ourselves.
Here, He waits for us;
here, we face Him and talk to Him;
here, He answers us.”

“Blessed are they whose sun never sets,
whose eye shall never see darkness,
whose light, the splendor of Christ,
shall never quit their soul.”
St John of Dalyatha.

“Man cannot see the Face of God and live (Ex 33.20)…
It means the sinner has to die first
so that the corruptible may change
to uncorrupted and incorruptible.
It is only then
that man may see God’s Face and live forever.

The will of Christ to declare His Glory
through clear vision
on the Mount of Transfiguration
expresses the will of God
in making man a partaker
in the invisible light of God.

Fascinating passage son light, and interpretation of Ex 33.20!


Have you read this book?
Any reflection on these quotes?

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