Book Notes: Orthodox Prayer Life, pages 96-201

Orthodox Prayer LifeOrthodox Prayer Life:
The Interior Way
by Matthew the Poor

by Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press

On Wednesday, I shared quotations from Orthodox Prayer Life, pages 55-93.

Here are some today from pages 96-201.

Vision does not stand
on the top of a meticulous contemplative method,
but is an enlightenment accomplished
by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is the journey to the Kingdom:
the arrival is union with God.

If we are truly not of this world,
as Christ wishes us to be,
our conduct has to be identical
with the life of the age to come.
We should be bent on proceeding
according to the standards of the Spirit
and not those of this world.
Our longing should always be for reaching God,
for unity with Him.

“Give up the passions of this world…
that the Light proceeding from the Father
may find you.
He will bid His servants to unbind you
and let you go
to the Light where His Father is.
Would that our bands were torn
that we might see our God!”
St John of Dalyatha, Homily on Caution and Precaution

“It is not the self-critical who reveals his humility
(for does not everyone somehow
have to put up with himself?).
Rather it is the man who continues
to love the person who has criticized him.”
St John Climacus (The Ladder, 22.17)

“Turn this body in which you are clothed
into a censer in which you burn
all your evil thoughts and musings.
Raise them before the Lord
that He might raise your hearts to Him.
Ask Him
with all the might you possess in your minds
to bring down His immaterial fire from on high
to consume all that is found in that censer
and purify it.”
St Anthony the Great, Letter 6.8

I love this image with the censer!

“Close the door of you cell to your body,
the door of your tongue to talk,
and the gate within to evil spirits.”
St John Climacus, The Ladder 27.19

“Hush your heart
that your heart may speak,
and hush your heart
that God may speak.”
St John of Dalyatha, Homily on the Gifts of the Spirit


Have you read this book?
Any reflection on these quotes?


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