Book Notes: Orthodox Prayer Life, pages 212-228

Orthodox Prayer LifeOrthodox Prayer Life:
The Interior Way
by Matthew the Poor

by Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press

Last Friday, I shared quotations from Orthodox Prayer Life, pages 96-201.

Here are some today from pages 212-228.

The whole chapter 12 (pages 215-228) is an excellent chapter about Tears and Compunction.

“The sun passing over the earth produces day;
and the holy and adorable Name of the Lord Jesus,
unceasingly shining in the mind,
gives birth to a countless number of sun-like thoughts.”
St Hesychius of Jerusalem

“A monk, whether he is eating, or drinking,
or sitting, or travelling,
or doing anything else,
must constantly cry out:
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me!
that the Name of the Lord Jesus,
descending to the depths of the heart,
may humble the snake nestling in the fields there,
and save and vivify the soul.
Therefore continue unceasingly with the Name of the Lord Jesus,
that your heart may embrace the Lord,
and that the Lord may embrace your heart,
and that these two may be one.”
St John Chrysostom

I had forgotten this passage by John Chrysostom on the Jesus Prayer.

Do not separate your heart from God,
but remain with Him,
and always guard your heart
with the remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ,
until the Name of the Lord
takes root in your heart
and it thinks of nothing else
– that Christ may be magnified in you.”
St John Chrysostom


Have you read this book?
Any reflection on these quotes?

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