Book Notes: Theophan’s Commentary on Psalm 118: verses 31-32

Psalm 118Psalm 118:
A Commentary
by Saint Theophan the Recluse

by Saint John of Kronstadt Press, 2014

I have cleaved to Thy testimonies, O Lord;
put me not to shame.

Even if the spirit/higher will renounces sin, it takes longer for the heart to tear away from it. And with it, adherence (cf. cleaved) to the good, as the heart needs by nature to be attached to something.

One elder was asked: What proves that someone’s sins have been forgiven? The elder answered: By the fact that he has begun to hate them. 

Then we will not be put to shame on the day of judgment.
Psalmist praying for God’s help so the enemy will not again prevail against him.

The way of Thy commandments have I run,
when Thou didst enlarge my heart.

No more inner obstruction, thanks to widening of the heart through grace.
Purification done by grace + our efforts (penitence)

Enlargement of the heart means delight in righteousness.

It was promised in 2 Cor 6:16: “and walk in them”

The road ahead is narrow, but the heart ought to be enlarged to serve as dwelling to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, lest God the Word, coming and knocking at the door of the heart, find it cramped and refuse to dwell in it. One ought to run in the spaciousness of the inward man, and not the narrowness of outward life.
p.87 (cf Ambrose)

Consequence: Jn 14:23 “and make our abode with Him”

Powerful. Makes me think of the Theotokos: “and her womb He made more spacious than the Heavens”. He couldn’t have done so if her heart first had not been spacious.

So now the real race/activity can begin!

Any reflection on these quotes?

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