Book Notes: The Ways to the Heart. Chapter 3

Les Chemins du cœurLes Chemins du cœur :
l’enseignement spirituel des Pères de l’Église
= The Ways to the Heart:
The Spiritual Teaching of the Church Fathers
by Archimandrite Placide Deseille
Monastère Saint-Antoine-Le-Grand, 2012
188 pages

Here are a few notes from Chapter 3.
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Chapter 3 : Psychology and spiritual life according to Saint John Climacus and Saint Isaac the Syrian

Role of the soul
Natural desire for God, and grace

Long excerpt from Isaac’s Discours ascétique #84.6.
From it, I took this:

Even when some good thought/plan comes to mind, it’s not necessarily from God. We still need prayer to discern: it may not be the good time for this plan, or it may only have an appearance of good, or maybe it won’t be fruitful because of where we are at in our spiritual life.

Illusion in spiritual life
Psychopathology and spiritual life
Role of the spiritual father and of the psychiatrist


Any reflection on these quotes?

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