Book Notes: The Ways to the Heart. Chapters 4-5

Les Chemins du cœurLes Chemins du cœur :
l’enseignement spirituel des Pères de l’Église
= The Ways to the Heart:
The Spiritual Teaching of the Church Fathers
by Archimandrite Placide Deseille
Monastère Saint-Antoine-Le-Grand, 2012
188 pages

Here are a few notes from Chapters 4-5
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Chapter 4: The eschatological meaning of monastic life
Chapter 5: Saint Nicolas Cabasilas and hesychasm adapted for lay people

This is mostly about his book Life in Christ, written for lay people.
In these days when we are too busy with too many things, I thought the following quotation from Book 7, was quite relevant.
And it obviously resonates with the Cherubinic Hymn that we sing at each Divine Liturgy: “Now lay aside all earthly cares”.

Cabasilas 7_6 p204

It also connects to amerimnia, the absence of anxiety that the Fathers of the Church considered to be a virtue. orthodox-cross

Any reflection on this topic?

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